Relaxing with a cigar has been a ritual for Karl for a long time – both in retirement and while celebrating a big win during his days on the court.  It was a personal dream to have his own cigar and Karl searched long and hard for a partner who could collaborate on a high-quality cigar with him.  While on a trip to the Dominican Republic, Karl was introduced to the La Aurora brand of cigars.  He spent time at the La Aurora factories and in the fields learning about tobacco and the careful craftsmanship that goes into cigar making.  Karl and La Aurora’s owner, Guillermo León Herbert, connected on a love of the Dominican Republic, cigars, rum, and shared values.  Together they curated a special cigar for Karl using tobacco aged in rum barrels and established “Barrel Aged by Karl Malone”.  


Blended with a medium to full body profile, Bianco adds complexity to the Fratello equation. This five country blend is layered with sweetness, cocoa and a very subtle spice making it one the smoothest maduro blends on the market.


Released in 2013, Fratello Classico was blended with a medium body profile and a three country blend from Nicaragua, Ecuador and Peru. Spicy yet creamy, Fratello has a very clean yet full body finish.


Navetta Inverso is all about us using the same tobaccos we used under Navetta but literally inversing all the tobaccos. The result of this change was incredible.
Navetta Inverso features an habano Nicaraguan wrapper Ecuador binder and Dominican and Nicaragua filler. .


Fratello Naveta translates the ultimate celebration feeling of our men and women of the space program after a successful mission.This very special blend carries the ultimate feeling of innovation, duty, honor and success.


With a mild to medium profile, Fratello Oro is exuberant in smoke and flavor nuances. The creaminess, dry fruit and subtle pepper from the Dominican Ligero bounces right off the sweetness of the Cameroon binder. Stand ready to indulge.